Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Days 135,136, 137 Catch up, again???

Life is so insane all the time.  Here I am again with another catch up post! >:(  I'm mad at myself for letting life get in the way of the stuff I actually like to do {photography}!  I've got to get myself back on the wagon and take some interesting pictures!!!
OK, I did like the Mt. Dew picture.  But then I got behind again.
So here are my pictures and a little post with each of them.
The first one is a picture of a picture that is very dear to me.  I have this picture of me, my Mom and my Grandma from when I was in college...like the very bushy hair?  It's near and dear to me because it is of the three of us on my Grandma's porch, just hanging around.  Not a special day, just hanging out.  I hung this picture up on my bed when my Grandma passed away.  I held on to it for a while and kept it with me, and I kept it on my headboard like Frida Kahlo used to keep her special pictures on her headboard.  I just needed to have my Grandma's face by me during that period.  Then my Mom got cancer, and I would look at her in the picture and talk to my Grandma and beg her to help out my Mom if she possibly could.  I think she did.
When we recently got our king sized bed that raises like a hospital bed, we didn't have a headboard any longer and I put the picture on my lamp.  It's been 5 years that that picture has been looking at me and I'm not ready to part with it yet.
My friend Sarah's father recently passed away.  I didn't really know him, but I think any sort of death reminds us to pay a little more attention to those we love while we still can.  I understand that he was a great man.  I know the few times I was over at her parents' house while he was there, he seemed to be a special person.  I hope that she has special pictures of him with her that she can cherish for the years to come.
family pic
Picture number 2:

This picture is a recent memory.  The other night we had our Student Council banquet for the year.  It was a very emotional event.  These kids are very special to me!  There were moments of tears at various parts of the ceremony, but at the end my seniors gave me a special gift.  They gave me a picture frame with their signatures on the matte board on the inside and then a 4 drawer cart with various things inside the drawers.  In the bottom drawer was an envelope with letters that all of the seniors had written to me.  I waited until I got home that evening to open the letters and read them.  I ended up in tears on the couch.  They were each so moving and emotional.  I'm so happy that they feel connected to me and it seems like I've been influential to them in a positive way.

letters to mama

Picture number 3:
This one is just a crappy old picture of the dying plants on my counter.  They have been very neglected and I haven't paid any attention to them at all because I'm busy and off doing other things.
I think that I need to catch up on a lot of things.  I hope that I can get everything back on track next week when school is over.  I have relationships that I need to pay attention to, things around the house that need done, and I need to get back into working seriously on photography.  I don't want the people I love, my house and my pictures to keep looking like these plants:

plant life

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  1. Oh, Melissa! Those kids adore you!!! I bet that was an unbelievable gift to receive. Love you!