Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day 146 Oldie

This little cutie is from the first set of pictures I posted on Flickr back in 2008- Just a pic of the kids with a point and shoot camera.  I didn't have time to take one today.  I carried my camera around all day today, but just didn't take a picture.  Go figure.
Anyway, I'm happy I have pics of my kids from their years of growing up because it's hard to imagine them this little anymore.  Just tonight, Richie's voice has been cracking all over the place because it's getting ready to change.  Stephen stayed with Richie this afternoon because they were off of school early and Rich and I were not home yet.  They're growing up.
One day, I'd like Kat Von D to tattoo this picture on me.  I think they're simply beautiful and I know I'll never tire of looking at those faces, even when they have whiskers on them one day.

Editing skills have grown since 2008. I'm actually just as interested in the editing process as the photography process, so I guess this does count for tonight:
552647467_f43870b7eb_o copy


  1. I remember those little ones. How time flies.

  2. Holy cow! Look how little Richie is!!