Sunday, May 8, 2011

Days 127, 128, 129...Family

Here is Saturday's, Sunday's and Monday's pictures all in one post.  Saturday was kind of crazy for me- I had to go shopping all the way in St. Elmo, IL to pick up a plant stand for my Mom.  Then I had lunch out with my family to celebrate Mother's Day and then I had the symphony.  So, no pic, since I was gone until about 11 pm and worn out.
Sunday's pic would be for today, Mother's Day.  We spent the whole day at my Mom's house and all made brunch together and took some pictures.  Brunch was delicious and I don't usually like breakfast food!
We had a good day together and the kids treated me like a queen!
The next picture is for tomorrow, Monday, May 9.  I will not be home pretty much all day, then tomorrow is the Student Council end of the year banquet.  So, I'm just trying to get a little bit ahead of the game.
All of these pictures were taken today, but at least there are pics to post!



me and the kids


  1. The pic of you and your kids brought tears to my eyes. You are such a good Mama. I thought the body language in the third pic is interesting. Glad you had a good should be treated like a queen everyday.

  2. P- I hope that next Mother's Day we're taking shots of you and a new baby in your arms. It will be my hope and prayer every day until then.

  3. Awe. Great family pics. Glad you were treated well and they even posed for you. ;) I hope your banquet went well.