Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 131/365 Grandma's garden

So today I was out trying to take a picture of a bird on the bird feeder when I noticed that my Grandma's peonies were blooming down below me!  The beautiful, bright pink caught my eye, so I decided to walk down below the deck and take a picture of them.  This is the same bush that I took a picture of a while back with the ant on the bud.  Gorgeous! I love, love, love these flowers!

EXIF: 1/160 sec, f 5.6, 84mm, ISO 200

Her irises {or flags, as she called them} were also blooming nicely, so I have a mix of pinks and purples in the back yard.

grandma's garden
EXIF: 1/160, f 3.5, 18mm, ISO 200
I was NOT shooting in RAW....crap.  I had the camera in jpeg for the soccer game because I didn't want to edit all of those pics.  I accidentally left it in jpeg and did NOT like losing that control that I have when I shoot RAW.  Those irises could have looked much better if I was in RAW...
I got a new lens for Mother's Day- a Tamron 18-200 lens- this one should be great for Costa Rica!  I won't have to constantly change lenses when focusing on monkeys and volcanoes!  I took these pictures with that lens, and I think it's obvious that it's not extremely sharp.  I'll have to practice a little more with it so that I can get some great pictures in Costa Rica.


  1. Irises were my grandma's favorite. Can't see them without thinking about her. Monkeys and volcanoes. You have an amazing life, Melissa.

  2. Peonies are my new faves too!!!

  3. Lovely garden. Whoo hoo for the new lens. I know you'll get some crazy cool shots in CR. Watch out for monkey pee!