Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 99/365 Chasing bugs

ant on peony
It's started.  Just 2 days ago, I was chasing a bee around, today I'm chasing an ant.  Spring has sprung.
I never knew how cool bugs were until I got a macro lens and could get into their little world.
These ants happened to be crawling on my Grandma's peonies.  Her garden is starting to bloom. I wish she could see it.  I've had her on my mind so much lately.
f 4, 1/640 sec, 100mm macro, ISO 400


  1. Yeah, you've become quite the buggy girl and I love it. You know I'm really jonesing for a macro lens.

    Grandma is with you.

  2. Wow, Melissa this picture is amazing! I love it! And I'm sure Grandma would love how you remember her in small ways day to day...


  3. Fantastic shot! love the details and the light. I also love how it is so personal. If you would like to share more memories about your grandma, I will gladly listen. She seemed like such a wonderful woman.