Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 104/365 Mr. Stevo turns 10


Today was Stephen's birthday- he's 10!
I can't believe it's been that long.  Time keeps passing so fast.
He's too big for cars and Thomas the Tank Engine. Too big for chunky monkey and being pushed on the swing.
Legos and video games are the thing now.  He has started to prefer to be with his friends instead of hanging out at home.
He still gives lots of hugs and kisses, but only when his friends are not around.  He still gets scared and comes into my bed at night and snuggles up to get warm.
He just read the first Harry Potter novel and did well with it.  He hates to do homework, but loves to draw pictures.
He is so sensitive to what other people think about him, he always wants to fit in.  He thinks his mohawk is what makes other kids like him.
He's so funny and comes up with the craziest things.  He's imaginative and cusses like a sailor.
He used to try to keep his fingernail clippings and called them his "doggies"?????
He loves to go four wheeling at my parents' place.  He takes long walks with my Dad and loves to torture my Mom. 
He constantly tries to keep up with Richie and do everything he does.  He's so afraid of talking about girls that he starts to cry if someone mentions that he might have a girlfriend.
He's my little buddy.
I hope this next 10 years doesn't pass as fast as the first 10 did.  I can't imagine having him ask for the car keys, or going out on his first date.  I can't imagine watching him graduate, or get his heart broken.  I can't imagine not being there for those things either.
He and Richie are the best things that have ever happened to me.


  1. Sweet tribute to a sweet boy. I can't believe he's 10 either. He seems frozen at about 7 for me.

  2. Happy birthday, Stevo.
    Reading harry potter? wow! He is such a tender kid and cute to boot. Can't believe he's growing up so fast.