Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 111/365 part 2 rainy photo shoot

Headed out with my photo friends tonight to try and get some shots for our projects and once we headed out it started to rain. Boo. I'm so sick of rain screwing everything up. Oh well. Of course, because we were together, we still had a good time. My girls can make anything fun, even a rained out photo night.

At first we were walking down Delmar trying to get some new shots. I feel like I've shot everything possible on Delmar, but I thought the Blues shot fits with my bluesy feeling self so I took it:


We spotted a taxi immediately coming out of Blueberry Hill and I thought this was a cool angle:


Then we went to bread co in Eville and I took some pics of the girls. Mendy was brave enough to order her food while wearing the ya ya moustache from Paige's pocket.


I mostly feel like my shots came out crappy tonight. I was a little off focus on all of them. :( Oh well, try, try again.


  1. So good to have so many laughs tonight and real ones from the belly. Lifts us up.

    PS...I really need to look into some sort of tanning!


  2. Thanks for a great afternoon and evening! I haven't laughed like that in a while.

    PS cool taxi shot