Saturday, April 23, 2011

Day 113/365 Dyeing eggs

Today was the annual day to dye eggs at the Beck house.  We had the 2 kids, my parents and my sister and nephew over and we dyed several dozen eggs.  We also had some pizza and hung out a little.
Tomorrow is Easter and the last day of my spring break.  Boo on that.  Yay for Easter.

dyeing eggs

The kids and my parents boiling the eggs a 2nd time to put egg wraps on them:


Stephen getting into dyeing the eggs:
stevo eggs

Richie said that this is a Mexican egg- he dyed one end red and the other green for me:
richie eggs


  1. cool egg pic. Love that the whole family gets together for egg dying.
    Richie is too sweet. Making you a mexican egg. That shirt is funny.

  2. Very neat to make it an extended family activity. Sounds like there was a lot of Easter dying action. I can never get used to Richie looking so grown up.