Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 94/365 When Oranges Fly

So here is some trick photography to be credited back to .  Before you take a peek over there, try to guess how I took this shot....
1. Make sure to have a tripod so that you can keep the shot(s) aligned.
2. Take two shots.  One, a shot of the surface area (the counter.  The next, take the fruit and use skewers for shishkabobs to hold them up.  I stuck my oranges on skewers in a heavy cup.
3. Put the two pictures in editing software like photoshop or gimp into 2 layers.  (I put the counter as the 1st layer and the oranges on top)
4. Take the eraser tool and erase the cup and skewers to show the bottom layer of just the counter top.
5. I photoshopped in the middle shadow because that one was hidden by the cup and I thought it would be odd to have 2 shadows and not a third one. I did the clone stamp on it.
This is sort of similar to the picture I did of Stephen flying on the couch, it's just using fruit. It was a fun rainy day project to work on after school.
EXIF : f2.2, 1/30 sec, ISO 100, 50mm, on tripod using shutter release cable


  1. I thought you had suspended them with fishing thread/wire. I figured it was a two photo thing, but couldn't quite figure it out. Nice job!

  2. Things for Paige to do:
    1. Check out gimp
    2. Buy a tripod
    3. Eat an orange

    Always inspirational.

  3. So amazing, those oranges are flying in the air. I like it about his blog.
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