Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 119 Ya Ya Sisterhood


This is a dear gift of mine- some calligraphy with the Ya Ya oath on it.  It has been hanging on my refrigerator for a while now.
I took off sick today because, well, I'm sick.  I can't pinpoint it but I just feel horrible and basically haven't gotten out of bed too much.  I feel so tired and I'm dizzy again. Ugh.
While laying down, I re-watched the movie the Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood.  I love the movie so much.  I am starting to see parts of Vivian in me.  I see how my Yas have my back like they do in the movie.  Just yesterday, P texted me while I had my phone off.  She was worried because I hadn't posted on here.  When I didn't answer, there was another text...   Melissa?!  Watching my back for me.  I'm very appreciative. 
I've got a photo shoot and prom tomorrow.  I'm hoping that this stupid dizziness/exhaustion goes away by then. 


  1. Yes!!! We ARE the ALMIGHTY yaya priestesses. Great on our own but a zillion times better together.


    PS. Hope you feel better and prom and photos go excellent.

  2. in the words of mumbo gumbo YA YA! Love you girls.
    May be we need a ya ya ceremony ;)