Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 95/365 Writing utensil

ink pen
Not a whole lot of time to take a picture tonight.  I've got big problems on my plate this afternoon and then I had a practice tonight for our annual Mr. EHS show.
I saw a pen and thought I'd share the fact that I'm kinda picky about my writing utensils.  I do NOT like thin pens- they should be medium point.  I like thicker pens in my hand and thicker ink flow also.  I love to write and grade papers with Crayola thin tip markers though (I share this oddity with Joi).  I HATE to grade with ink.
Ugh.  I hope tomorrow is better.


  1. Haha! We DO love our crayola thin tip markers! I go through one marker grading a set of tests!

    I hope Mr. EHS is going ok! Mr. Warrior is tomorrow and I am beyond ready for it to be over!!

  2. Uh Oh! for you to say something is a big problem, kinda has me worried. Anything I can do? Need some ovaltine?
    I like how you took a simple item and gave us a quirky insight.
    I hope tomorrow is better for you.

  3. I hope everything is ok. And tomorrow will be better...they always seem to be.