Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 97/365 Walking around the yard

I am so very excited in the spring when my flowers and trees start to bloom.  I had the amazing sight of the magnolia tree and also some hyacinths earlier this year, but today I got to see my cherry blossoms, my crab apple tree, my bleeding heart and my first bee of the spring!
Don't get me wrong, I'm petrified of bees.  But, since I've had this camera I'm more than willing to be brave to take the picture of a bee close up.  Thank goodness my macro lens is the 100mm and not a 50mm or 35mm! I don't want to have to get THAT close!
On all of these pictures, I was at f2.8, leaving the lens wide open.  That meant I had to use fast shutter speeds because it was such a bright day.  That was good, because it is a bit windy {dang wind!} and bees move super fast anyway.  On all of the pictures I was at least at 1/800 sec shutter speed, and some were up to 1/1500 shutter speed.  All at ISO 100.
Here's what I saw on my walk around my yard:
cherry blossom

cherry blossom 2


bleeding heart early

crab tree


  1. Bee-utiful. And the detail on that bee...amazing.

  2. These are great, girl!! I am so hoping more things start blooming at my home, too!

    Thanks for the chat today, too. LOVE you!

  3. Your yard is amazing. and so are the pictures! great bee picture.