Monday, July 25, 2011

Pics 201 and 201 The Kingda Ka and a rant.

Here we are on the Kingda Ka.  Yikes.  That baby is the tallest and fastest roller coaster IN THE WORLD.  It shoots you out of the dock at 129 mph, climbs 456 ft. in the air at a 90 degree ascent and then spins you around and you drop back on the other side and go back to the dock all within 40 something seconds.  Help.

It is something Richie saw in his roller coaster book and on the travel channel and because he is obsessed with roller coasters, he knew he had to try it out.  If you ask him facts about roller coasters, he can give you height, speed and g-force details.  He says he wants to design them one day.  We'll see. His math skills aren't the best.

When we were little, my family took some vacations, but my parents did NOT plan the vacation around what we, their children, wanted.  They planned what my DAD wanted and they could afford.  Our last 10 years worth of vacations have been planned around our kids and their obsessions.  Disney World, Thomas the Tank Engine, various theme parks and water parks.  I think this needs to stop.  I haven't really relaxed on vacation in forever and usually come back tired and sore and in need of a vacation.  Trudging around theme parks in the 100 degree weather with a bad neck and sore feet is not my idea of fun.   
All I want to do is go to a beach somewhere and lay down with a nice drink!  I want to lay there and read a book and have a beach waiter bring me whatever I need.  I want to throw in some cultural things in the evenings as well, such as theater tickets, nice restaurants, art museums, and a some awesome photography opportunities.  Is this too much to ask?
I have to take my 40th birthday trip to Mexico next year with my girlfriends.  HAVE TO. 
I also need to go to New York City to see Like Water for Chocolate when that finally comes to Broadway.
Wish me luck!

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  1. That looks super scary! I'm ready for Mexico, New York, India, Beliz or anywhere else. Let's go!!