Wednesday, July 13, 2011

191 The arch and low batteries

Tonight went out on a photo excursion with M and P to the Malcolm W Martin memorial viewpoint across from the arch. I've been wanting to do this shoot for a while.
I had an amazing time eating dinner with my girls, taking pics with them and worrying about "suicide frog". However, about the time that it was dark, my batteries went dead. UGH! My fault, I should have charged them up today. I did have a spare battery in my bag before, but as of right now it is MIA. That's NO GOOD! I have to shoot a few weddings coming up soon and will need all of the extra batteries I can get. I hope I can find it in the next couple of days because I'd like it for New Jersey too.
Anyway, here is the one picture that I got tonight that is somewhat a night shot. I haven't looked at the rest yet. I will have to venture out again to this park with a full set of batteries.
I AM happy that we got to spend some time together and the weather was gorgeous. Thanks ladies for being my shooting buddies! Cheers to Malcolm!

EXIF: .5, f5.0, 50mm, ISO 100


  1. So glad we got to geek out together tonight. I still think its cool to see how our pictures turned out differently even though we were standing side by side.anyway, Thanks for a great night. loved hanging with you two dslr divas. ;)

  2. PS hope you find the battery

  3. It's a beautiful shot. I hope that battery turns up soon! It was great to see you both.