Friday, July 22, 2011

200- Long exposures

The beach isn't that great here which disappoints me greatly. It's OK, but no great beach pics for me. However, I guess you gotta shoot what's in front of you, so I have carnival rides. For me, carnival rides=long exposure shots. Unfortunately, it's been so foggy here, they are not the best, but under the circumstances, I guess they're ok.
I always thought that light trails and long exposures would be hard. Turns out that just ain't true. To set up, I put the camera on the tripod, and set a focus. That should be set on something that is going to remain still and select a longer shutter speed on the camera. Play with the settings until your exposure is where you want it and you have a cool pic. The following two shots are from the boardwalk in Wildwood, NJ. They're just random people walking around. I like the one because a group of people stood still while others were walking and I like the other one because it shows more motion.


This next one might not look like there's any motion, but to get the lights this way, it is a little bit longer of an exposure. The carousel is stopped here.


This is one of the big ferris wheel. We went up in this thing and it was so scary! It was totally foggy and we went around 3 times and then they stopped us up at the top. The wind was blowing us back and forth and I thought I was going to lose it. Big ferris wheels make great long exposure subjects, but crappy rides!


I really like this shot a lot. A lamp and a tilt a whirl ride in front of the big wheel:

I also like this one- you can see how the ride moved around and up and down:

For all of these pictures, I had a basic setting of about f6, ISO 100, and a shutter speed of between 3 seconds and 5 seconds. Of course, I had my camera on my tripod and used a shutter release cable. I love long exposure pics!

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  1. These are super. Too bad about the beach shots but these are just as good. We'll get some great beach shots next year in Mexico.