Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pic 202 Favorites from Vacay

I liked the long exposures that I posted the other day, but these pics are off of the 2nd memory card. 
On this first pic, I took this the morning that I tried to get a sunrise.  You can see how foggy it is. 
I added a texture to this to darken the edges a little and to give it a mysterious quality.  I mostly like the feeling of nostalgia about it and the depth of field.


Here are my favorite two subjects in front of the wildwoods sign on the beach.  They finally smiled for me!


We went to Wild Safari, a Six Flags drive through animal park and I got this picture of the bear.  It doesn't look like he's behind a restraint, but he is, he was just close enough for me to get a pretty decent shot.


The next two pictures are of a shell on the beach.  It was the prettiest shell I saw the whole time I was there and I couldn't decide which pic I liked better, so I posted both.  shell

This was an amazing sunset that I saw and took this picture out of the car on the way home.  I think we were in Pennsylvania at this point.  I wish the big lump of trees had been either to the left or right of the sun instead of right under it, but I was in a car, so I couldn't exactly change my position to make that happen. 


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  1. Great pics, lady! I love that sunset. Hoping your littlest favorite is doing OK!!!