Sunday, July 3, 2011

Pics 178,179,180,181 and a bonus...catching up and a how to

I have not been able to make myself pic up my camera, pretty much since I got back from Costa Rica. I think I was disappointed with the pictures (or lack thereof) that I got there, and I haven't felt inspired since. 
Well, today, I decided to try out a new recipe and took pics along the way, so these will have to be good enough to get me caught up.
The kids and I are calling them " 'Merica berries".  They're pretty easy and turned out colorful and patriotic.  I haven't tasted one yet, but the kids seem to like them.
I had to use a flash on all of them because the light wasn't bright enough in the room and I was down to 1/50th of a second just to see things and that would make the pictures a little blurry from camera shake. 

First, wash strawberries and lay them out to dry. They must be completely dry or the white chocolate will not stick.

Second, melt some white chocolate chips in a bowl and then dump some blue sugar sprinkles in a bowl also.

Take the dry strawberry, dip it in the melted white chocolate and then dip in the blue sugar at the tip. If you're like Stephen, you'll sample all of it along the way:

Here are our first attempts:

After the chocolate gets cool, you will have to heat up some more chips and keep working at it:


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  1. Very patriotic and beautiful. The boys look like they had fun making them and eating them too.