Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A wish list?

This is not a post of my pictures, but rather of some pictures that I'm finding on the internet of things that I REALLY WANT!!! First up, I MUST get these two tattoos as part of my half-sleeve that I am slowly gaining enough courage to get. I definitely want the Aztec Sun Stone and something with Frida Kahlo, so something that would implement these two tats would be perfect!

These next two items are things that I found that would just simply MAKE MY LIFE!  That sweater is BEAUTIFUL and I would proudly wear those amazing socks with my jeans rolled up so I could display them to the world!  Cool stuff!
This is part of the weird randomness that I browse when I have a functioning internet signal at my house and I leave the papers at school instead of actually grading them!


  1. A half sleeve????? OMG!! Really?? Ummm..Yikes! I love the sweater and the socks totally rock!!! Buy the socks, ditch the tats. hehehehehehehehehehehe ;)


  2. How did I miss this. Personally, I think you would rock any and all of these items. Think about joining pinterest to pin these items.