Saturday, December 17, 2011

223 My classroom

I'm pretty proud of my classroom.  I try to make it a place where even if the kids aren't paying attention to me, they can look around and see something of cultural value.  Of course, Frida Kahlo plays a big role in my room, as do the Aztecs and Día de Muertos.  

I figure that it's the place that I spend the most time in besides my own house, so I better make it nice and comfy.  I have about 15 more years to go, so I'm going to try to make that time fun!
The kids seem to really love the pictures that I hang up of them.  If you look, the bulletin board is covered with pictures from various events.  The other bulletin board is covered with various Student Council events and pictures, and all around my room are other pictures of my students and people that are very important to me.  The kids like to take pictures with me, print me a copy and then ask if they can be on the "Wall of Fame".  Of course, I love them all, so they're all welcome to be on the board.  Hopefully that makes it feel "homey".  

I moved this year from a classroom that was a bit smaller.  This room has helped a lot with my space issues, but I still feel that during event times when I have large orders, decorations, boxes, etc in my room I could actually use 2 classrooms! IMG_5736

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  1. I would love to be a kid learning Spanish in this room!