Wednesday, December 14, 2011

221- Richie's birthday

Yesterday my amazing little buddy turned 14.  14!  Jeez-o!  I can't believe he will be in high school this coming year and next year we will be talking about driver's ed and practice hours.  That scares me senseless!  What scares me even more is that in 4 more years, we'll be talking about college and some big life choices.   4 years.  That's definitely not enough time for me to have him as mine.  Can't we change the adult age to 30 or something?


 His present this year was a big ol' gaming computer.  My son is officially a computer nerd like me.  That's awesome!  (Actually, he is pretty much an exact replica of me except he looks like his father and he's a boy...)  He is in love with Battlefield 3 this year and so we bought this souped up computer with extreme graphics and speed.  He's in love with it.


 I started out the day with a doctor's appointment for me.  I ended up having an infected gland that was killing me.  I'm now on antibiotics and even though I only took the medicine yesterday so far, it's already feeling better.  Whew!


  1. That is one of the nicest pics of Richie...great to see that excited smile and light in his eyes. Megan is 14 in January...sigh...luckily we don't get any older...only they do.

  2. Happy Birthday, Richie! I can't believe he's that old, either!