Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Since I had a day where I wasn't too busy, I decided to take a few more shots.  I actually like these, especially this first one:


The next two shots show what a little white balance adjustment in RAW can do. I like the vertical shot better, and the colors are truer to real life. I didn't really adjust the white balance much in the horizontal one, so the silver kiss looks a little gold. kisses vert kisses

These are the ice cube men that my Mom bought for me about 5 years ago. I thought they were really cute! I like the way the light is reflecting off and through them. icecubes

 Here is an ornament shot. It's ok, I used 30 second exposure on this one, so the twinkle lights have the sparkle lines from them. It's an OK shot. Not particularly interesting to me. twinkle

Now, I put the same picture in black and white, played with the levels, upped the contrast and lightened the vignette around the edges. I also put a bluish tint to it. Now it looks silver-ish to me and I think it's more interesting. twinklebw


  1. I think they're all pretty fabulous!

  2. All beautiful and hard to believe it's time to think about putting it all away. The first is my fav too