Sunday, November 27, 2011

217 Weddings.


Sweet little Shelley getting married. I'm happy for her. I'm happy for anyone that can have a good marriage. I remember saying those vows and thinking that "happily ever after" was starting and couldn't wait. Now, I think that marriage pretty much sucks. 7 1/2.


It was nice having all of the Yas together. I really miss "us". I feel like there's a weird divide and I do NOT like it. I feel like in my life I already have several friend "groups" and none of them would get along with the others. Now I feel like the Yas are sort of out of sync. It makes my head spin. I felt sort of "celebrity" like while at the wedding and several people came up and asked if we were the "Ya yas". But then, in my head, I was wondering if we were?


The next picture is my favorite from the evening. This is the sort of moment that I remember us having all the time. The fun can be felt in the picture. This is definitely a Ya ya moment.


Maybe weddings make me a little sad? Maybe I see too many people so happy when it first starts and then as people grow and change, that all goes away? Maybe I hate seeing women giving up their standards or opinions and changing to "make it happen"? Maybe I'm not sure that at 23 I didn't do the same thing? Will my married friends still be together in 15 years? In 10? In 5?
Will the Ya Yas?
Do people just grow and change and then move on?


  1. I know what you mean but I think that although we may feel closer to one or the other at certain times, we will always be the Yayas. I hope we never "move on" permanently.

    PS. When the hell did my face get so fat? And so white?

  2. These are great pics, Melissa! And look at you getting all philosophical...I know that no matter what I will always have a friend in you, BEST friend to be exact. You were sent to me, I'm sure, when I needed a friend most. Love you!!