Sunday, October 30, 2011

211 Creme Horn

Growing up, I used to spend pretty much every Saturday night with my Grandma.  We would always walk up to Star Bakery in Troy and make a stop and buy creme horns and chocolate milk for the morning.  We would stop at Allen's Drugstore and pick up stuff there {and hit the candy}, and we would stop at Adam's General Store and look around, and somehow...I would always manage to come out of there with a new toy from the basement of the store.
The next morning, we'd wake up and eat our creme horns  {or sometimes, we would eat them on Saturday night}.  Now, I can't ever pass one up without buying it and enjoying it with thoughts of her while I'm eating it (or three).
I miss you Grandma- so much.  I hope you're enjoying the creme horns with me somehow.


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