Saturday, October 22, 2011

209 Soy beans

Went out on a mini photo excursion this morning before everybody else woke up.  The sun was coming up and it was hitting a soybean field by my house in a pretty way.  I did some bracketed shots and wanted to try some HDR on it to capture the sunrise in the back and the way the light was falling really beautifully on the soybeans, but I didn't have enough patience to try to figure that out.
I also realized that my camera was not on RAW and I had shot in JPG.  UGH!!!  I don't like JPG anymore at all- I have so much more control over the image if I shoot in RAW.
I got a Creve Coeur camera gift certificate from my StuCo kids to say thanks for homecoming and I still have the last one my mom got me for my birthday.  I think it's almost time to purchase something really awesome.  What shall it be?????
I'd love a new lens- the Canon 24-70 f 2.8 lens- that would really come in handy at weddings.  However, those run about $1400.00, so I'm still saving up for that.  Will I save these cards or will I spend them on a new kick butt tripod and monopod and reflectors???  We shall see soon!

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  1. Beautiful soybeans and sunrise. I think you should throw a new camera bag into the list of what to spend your gifts on. Can't wait to see.