Friday, February 3, 2012

275 Lipstick


This is a pretty common scene Monday-Friday over on my desk. I have my books piled up that I need to work with, my papers that need to be graded or copied, and a general mountain of random odds and ends that need to be taken care of eventually. I have to pile all of this up because I have 1st hour prep period and another teacher uses my room during that time.

 The most important thing on that desk to me is the coffee cup. Every morning, because I am too lazy or disorganized to make it myself, I make a run to one of three places for the largest cup of coffee I can find. My favorite coffee comes from McDonald's- I could be one of those old men that hang out in the morning and have a cup of coffee to start the day known as "the regulars". After that, I guess my choice would be Starbuck's. I don't do anything fancy, just regular coffee with extra cream because I think Starbuck's coffee is too bitter, so I have to lighten it up a bit. My third choice is the gas station and I don't mind their coffee at all, but I just hate to have to get up and get my own.

 Notice the lipstick on that mug? Yep, I actually start out wearing makeup each morning, but somehow it manages to disappear slowly from my face during the day and so by the time I come home, I want to hide from myself and avoid all mirrors. Not sure how that happens, because I try to avoid touching my face. ?


  1. You always look beautiful to me with or without makeup. I think we need a break from school though. Where's the snow?

  2. I feel the same way about the end of the day! I always wonder is that what I looked like all day? Whoops! : )