Sunday, January 1, 2012

256- 267 Chicago Christmas display

While in Chicago, we went to the Museum of Science and Industry. I had never been there before, but it was actually quite fascinating. {Of course, my fascination only lasted through the big scene in the cafeteria...} Before the getaway was absolutely ruined, I managed to see the Christmas Around the World display at the MSI. The different culture groups in Chicago each decorated a tree for the display that represents their culture. Unfortunately, tripods were not allowed, so that led to shots that were less than spectacular, but I still really enjoyed the display. Here are the favorite pictures that I got at this exhibit:

 My absolute favorite tree was the Japanese tree. I must find out how to make these paper ornaments!

  IMG_6012IMG_6013 IMG_6014

 Of course, I had to make a stop at the Mexican tree: IMG_6020 IMG_6009

 I don't remember what tree the stars were on, but it was really sparkly and pretty too: IMG_6006 IMG_6005

This tree was pretty with gold and purple. IMG_6026 IMG_6017

Same view, two different focus points: IMG_6029 IMG_6030

  I think these decorations added more to the room than anything else: IMG_6004

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  1. Beautiful ornaments. I'm sure you can find how to make those paper ones on pinterest. lol